Wallpapering with acoustic felt

Step by Step

Our Silentum acoustic felts are not only visually eye-catching, they also ensure pleasant room acoustics. The sound-absorbing room elements made of 100% sheep's wool combine attractive design with comprehensive functionality.

We show you how to install the acoustic felts on the wall step by step - simply, quickly and stylishly.


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Wallpapering acoustic felt: Step-by-step instructions Wallpapering acoustic felt: Step-by-step instructions
  1. Step: Prepare the acoustic felt

    Lay out your acoustic felt on a straight surface. Make sure which is the front and which is the back of your felt.

  2. Step: Cut the felt to size

    Measure your acoustic felt and cut it to the desired size.

  3. Step: Apply the glue to wall 

    Now apply the adhesive to the wall. Make sure that you apply it to the entire surface, but that the layer is not too thick.

  4. Step: Lay the acoustic felt

    Now the Silentum acoustic felt can be placed on the wall. Place it on the upper edge and carefully smooth it down. Use a roller to remove small air bubbles under the felt.

  5. Step: Finishing

    The last step is the finishing touch. If there is still some felt sticking out, cut it off with a spirit level and a ruler.

Our bonding tip:

Apply a primer coat of "Voranstrich D1" from Murexin. The concentrate is very economical, solvent-free and very low in emissions. You can calculate with about 1lt/10m².

Then apply the Spezial Linol- und Teppichklebstoff DK 74  (approx. 300g/m²). A very good alternative to this adhesive is the Nass- und Haftbettklebstoff D 391  (approx. 500g/m²) also from Murexin. Both are applied undiluted to the wall and guarantee an optimal hold of your acoustic felt.

Our Silentum Acoustic Felts

Stylish, natural and audibly beautiful - our Silentum acoustic felts ensure a sustainably good indoor climate in your home. You can choose from a wide range of colours. So it fits perfectly into your living concept. We will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more detailed information. The best thing to do is to click through our acoustic felts yourself.