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Converting a free gallery space at the end of the staircase into office space was a major acoustic task. Bordeaux-red acoustic felt is an excellent feature for assuring good vibrations in new offices.

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Silentum acoustic felts

You'll be all eyes and ears!

Sustainable, effective and attractive.

We have been working with sheep's wool for over 50 years - a natural product that never ceases to inspire us. We have used these many years of experience in the development of Silentum acoustic felt to create acoustic products that make you sit up and take notice: sheep's wool creates sustainable living space. 

Climate-friendly, healthy and completely natural.

With acoustic modules made of sheep's wool felt, you get more than good room acoustics: sheep's wool ensures a healthy indoor climate and is a renewable, natural raw material that we obtain for the most part from sheep in Europe. This way we make a significant contribution to climate protection. 

Indoor air

Sheep's wool has the unique ability to filter pollutants and irritants from the room air and neutralize them sustainably. This ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. 


Due to the sound-absorbing properties of sheep's wool, Silentum acoustic felts audibly improve the room acoustics. Reverberation times are reduced, unpleasant sound is muffled. 


The production from pure new sheep's wool ensures the highest quality and sustainability. Virgin sheep's wool, as a renewable raw material, makes a positive contribution to environmental protection. 

Room design

With a wide variety of colours and different combination options, Silentum acoustic products offer almost unlimited design variations: from design elements to full surfaces. Available in a range of colours.






Passend für jede Raumsituation


How are your room acoustics?

When you walk, your footsteps echo. When you talk on the phone, you hear the echo of your own voice. In an open-plan office, you often don’t have the peace and privacy you need to work. What can be done about it?

With our acoustic calculator you can simulate your room situation. You can also simulate acoustic optimisation measures and listen to your room sound with and without these measures.


We're happy to help!

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