Guschlbauer Backwaren GmbH, AT-4730 Waizenkirchen

Creativity in red and white

  On the right: Movable acoustic panels  

  Partition walls and wall module with pinboard functions  

What started out as a small craft business in 1919 has since grown into a large company with over 100 employees.

This growth is also the reason why in the spring of 2020, the traditional Guschelbauer bakery commissioned architect Norbert Bruckner to renew the office space in their existing company building.

Where does one get all this extra space from though? A spacious gallery on the first floor was creatively converted into an office. Acoustic room optimisation was given high priority as the adjacent entrance area on the lower floor would create noise if left as it was, thus disturbing the office staff in their daily work.

For a suitable form of acoustic optimisation, architect Bruckner turned to Silentum acoustic felt. Not only are the sound-absorbing properties of the material convincing but the strong Bordeaux red of the processed felts brings extra warmth and cosiness into the newly gained 50m² office space.

Movable metal panels with sound-felt are particularly impressive. Furthermore, partition walls between the workplaces, a wall element with pinboard functions and box covers complete with red felt were put in place.

In combination with glass walls and a sound-proof ceiling, the acoustic elements complete with Silentum felt ensure good sound and a pleasant working atmosphere for the employees.

Implemented by:

Client / Principal
Guschlbauer Backwaren GmbH

Bruckner Architektur

Processing partner
Hali Office Furniture
Bruckner Metal

Planning and construction time
Spring / Summer 2020; 3-4 months

Picture credits
© ISOLENA Naturfaservliese GmbH

When people feel good, they also do great work. Creating a good working environment for our employees is a matter of necessity for us.

Christina Guschlbauer
Assistant to the Managing Director

Used in the project:

Acoustic felt «Bordeaux red»

  • Roll width: 150 cm
  • Max. Length per piece: 10m
  • Delivery in running metres (1 running metre = 1.5m²)
  • 9 mm height
  • With Ionic Protect® wool protection


Our sheep wool has everything you need:

  • Good for indoor air
  • Good for health
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Sustainable and renewable
  • Large, coordinated colour selection