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Acoustics knowledge

Reverberation and unwanted noise in your own four walls do not have to be a thing. With a few tricks and measures, you can create a pleasant-sounding home.
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Acoustics and living magazine

How do room acoustics affect us? How do people perceive the room? Which shapes and which furnishings influence the room concept? In a variety of up to date articles we deal with the area of acoustics and living space design and would like to help you plan your room acoustics.


Wallpapering acoustic felt

We show you step by step how to apply your Silentum acoustic felt to the wall - simple, fast and uncomplicated.


Configure acoustic modules

Improve your room acoustics with individually configured acoustic panels. This guide shows you how to assemble the Silentum modules "on paper".

Installation & Application

Build acoustic absorber

We show you step by step how to make acoustic absorbers from sheep wool felt for your living room and office.


Well mounted

Wondering how to install the absorber panels? Here we have put together a step-by-step guide for you.


8 ideas for acoustic felts

Would you like to know a way to acoustically optimise your room? We have 8 extraordinary ideas for you on how to use our felts in your four walls.