Romberger concept house in the show house park, AT-4053 Linz Haid

Prefabricated house rethought

Wall absorber in the living room

 Acoustically optimised playroom  

Bedroom in natural look with panels in anthracite  

  Acoustic felt as wall absorber and seating surface in the changing area

Noble absorbers in anthracite in the home office

A Romberger house combines the advantages of prefabricated production with the desire for individual living. Healthy dream houses are created in solid construction and exclusively with natural and ecological building materials.

What this kind of project can look like has resulted in the building of life-sized models in a show house park in Linz-Haid. The Romberger concept house itself can be found here and shows interested home builders how sustainability, modern technology and individuality can be combined in a cost-saving way and with budget transparency.

Romberger-prefabricated elements are made of Liapor: expanded clay beads made of clay that really score in terms of room climate, acoustics and fire protection.

The perfect partner: sheep's wool! Why? Because sheep's wool also offers the same high-calibre properties. The combination of the two materials ensures an exemplary fusion of two natural materials in house construction.

Romberger is part of the renowned Swietelsky AG. Kommerzialrat DI Karl Weidlinger, Chairman of the Board at Swietelsky sums up the strengths of the show house:

“The house has a spacious, modern character that places a lot of emphasis on interior acoustics, which is a big problem with most houses."

Building Owner / Client
Romberger Fertigteile GmbH 

Exhibition venue
Show house park Haid, near Linz

Date of construction:

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© Romberger Fertigteile GmbH

«Es war nicht das Ziel ein hypermodernes Haus zu bauen, sondern einfach ein Haus wo jeder sagt: OK, da könnte ich alt werden, da könnte ich wohnen. »

Martin Pointl
Designer und Planer des Romberger-Musterhauses

Thus, Silentum acoustic panels are used in the office, living room, dining room or even in the hallway.  They optimise the room sound and, together with an atmospheric lighting concept, create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Sheep's wool is also hidden in the acoustic ceiling in the living room in the form of ISOLENA Optimal Pulse insulation.

Clay and sheep's wool also play tricks with the seasons: warm in winter, cool in summer. This is how to build and live in a sustainable and energy-saving way. Come and see for yourself the cosy and healthy atmosphere that this house radiates.

Akustikpaneele Wohnzimmerwand Akustikpaneele Wohnzimmerwand

Hier ein Zitat.

Alexander Dietach
Projektmanagement Guntamatic

Used in the project:

Akustikfilz «Hellgrau» und «Anthrazit»

  • 100% virgin sheep's wool
  • Roll width: 150 cm
  • Max. Length per piece: 10m
  • Delivery in running metres (1 running metre = 1.5m²)
  • 9 mm height
  • With Ionic Protect ® wool protection

Das alles kann unsere Schafwolle:

  • Gut für die Raumluft
  • Gut für die Gesundheit
  • Hervorragend schallabsorbierend
  • Nachhaltig und nachwachsend
  • Große, abgestimmte Farbauswahl