Lehner Wool Centre, AT-4730 Waizenkirchen

Exhibition and training rooms

  Lehner Wool Centre: Experience sheep's wool   

  Sustainable trio: wooden floor, clay plaster, sheep's wool  

  Ironed-on flock foil enables personalisation  

  Extravagant: closet with wallpapered FELICE wool rug  

  The vertically suspended Silentum acoustic panels ...    

  ... can be easily rearranged ...     

  ... thanks to the wall mounting strips.    

We love wool - and we know why. In order for others to also experience first-hand what a jack-of-all-trades sheep's wool is, we have set up the Lehner Wool Centre. Wool shows itself from its best side on 200m².

Together with the architectural office of Norbert Bruckner, we took on the general renovation of the old dairy building in Waizenkirchen.

The heart of the project is a large showroom to bring the raw material sheep's wool to life. In addition, seminar and training rooms were created. The entire wool centre is now used for meetings, product training and events.


It goes without saying that we have used our wool products wherever possible in the refurbishment:

The exterior walls of the building as well as the attic are completely insulated with sheep's wool.

Indoors, we will be showing our multi-faceted product range in the showroom, including a large number of different Silentum modules. These have a double benefit: on the one hand, they serve to present products, but on the other hand they also fulfil their original purpose by ensuring that the acoustics in the angular and high-ceiling rooms are pleasant.

Implemented by:

Norbert Bruckner

Building owner:
Isolena Naturfaservliese GmbH

Planning and construction time:

Picture credits
© ISOLENA Naturfaservliese GmbH

«The new wool centre reflects the values of our company: we not only sell sustainable products, but also live this lifestyle. Therefore, we've used sustainable building materials throughout the refurbishment.»

Felictas Lehner,
Management Lehner Wool,
Project ManagerLehner 

The acoustic modules can be rearranged again and again thanks to the practical wall mounting strips.


Acoustic felt was also used in the training and seminar rooms: the custom-made wall panels in light grey are adorned with motifs and inscriptions in flock print. Plotted and ironed onto the acoustic felt, they are a visual highlight and make our unique company DNA visible.

Lamella acoustic felt «Sky high» Lamella acoustic felt «Sky high»

I was already able to contribute my expertise during the development of the Silentum acoustic products. Now, in this project, to process the products at their 'birthplace' closes the circle of production.

Norbert Bruckner

Used in the project: 

Akustikfilz «Hellgrau»

  • 100% Schafschurwolle
  • Rollenbreite: 150 cm
  • Max. Länge pro Stück: 10m
  • Abgabe in Laufmeter (1 lfm = 1,5m²)
  • 9 mm Höhe
  • Mit Ionic Protect ® Wollschutz

ab 255,00 €

Das alles kann unsere Schafwolle:

  • Gut für die Raumluft
  • Gut für die Gesundheit
  • Hervorragend schallabsorbierend
  • Nachhaltig und nachwachsend
  • Große, abgestimmte Farbauswahl